Physics formulas: how to use speed, velocity and acceleration

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  • Physics is a subject based on different formulas. It mainly contains the concepts of speed, velocity, acceleration, and distance — everything you see in your surroundings work as per the formulas of Physics. Speed, velocity, and acceleration are the three basic concepts in Physics, and every object works on these three concepts. They are the basic physics formulas which you should know for mastering in the subject. Let us discuss in details the relation between Speed, velocity and acceleration. Speed Meaning You may think that Speed and velocity are similar terms, but they are not actually. Speed is the measurement of how a thing moves. You can divide the speed into fast and slow. It has a numerical value. Formula of speed We have been learning the average speed formula since the school days. It is Speed= Distance/ Time. Average Speed The average speed of the thing is the distance that the object travels divided by the time taken to travel that distance. It is defined by magnitude. Further, the average speed is the change of distance with time.

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