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  • The road to success is not a bed of roses. Any success coach will tell you that it is filled with hurdles that test you at each step. Similarly, being a successful student is not a child's play. It requires utmost devotion, a student success plan, hard work and a passion for being successful in life. How to be a successful student: If you genuinely wish to be a successful student in High school or college, there are student success strategies that can prove to be helpful to the achievement of your goal. Recipe For Success: How to be successful in college or school Development Of Qualities And Skills- Student success plan 1. Prioritization If you wish to be on the top, you need to make academics your top priority. Even though it is essential to take out time for family, friends, and outings, you should give your first preference to studies especially when exams are nearby. Wasting time is unaffordable for you! Blog link:

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