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  • What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is nothing but the management of your emotions at home, office or any other place in the world. It is your ability to manage and control feelings in certain situations. If you want to understand the meaning of emotional intelligence in the words of a layman, it simply means the way in which you show or hide your emotions, feelings, ideas or thoughts in front of the world. A person with a high EQ score will always be successful in life in any field. He knows well the tricks to manage emotions such as anger, fear, distrust, and happiness. With good emotional intelligence skills, one can take wise decisions unlike the rest of all. It also forms a substantial part of our lives. Emotional intelligence will not only gift you rewards in the workplace but also improve your personal life. Be it your parents, friends or partner, you can maintain a good balance between all the relations with the help of good emotional intelligence. https://www.queryfloor.com/blog/how-students-can-get-benefit-from-high-emotional-intelligence

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