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  • Math is one of the core subjects students need to take in GCSE, many students consider it to be a difficult and tough subject. Math is a very important subject and students may have to take them up in their universities as well. This myth about math is always on the students’ minds, which demoralizes them. However, with proper study method and effort, their grades will definitely improve. Maths preparation Here are 5 ways to improve your GCSE maths grade: Know the syllabus Go through the syllabus for GCSE maths paper and be thorough with it. You should know what needs to be studied under a topic and what does not need to be studied. Knowing what not to study is as important as the preparation itself. Many times students waste their precious time on solving a complex problem that may not be included in their syllabus. It is good to work hard but working hard in the right direction is more important. Focus on topics that you need to improve on. Figure out the maths exam pattern and structure To ace any exam it is necessary to have a proper understanding of the exam pattern and the structure of the questions that may be asked in the exam. Familiarize yourself with the question pattern of the paper. Figure out the marks distribution, weightage of topics and types of problems. These may not be absolute but it will definitely give you some idea about the coming GSCE exam paper pattern. Understand your learning style Every student has a unique way and ability to learn. Some students understand a concept better with visual aids while some with real-life examples. You can also see which time is suitable for your learning. Some are night owls who are able to study during the night while some are early morning risers. Depending on your suitability, choose your style of learning. Blog link: https://www.queryfloor.com/blog/gcse-math-preparation-tips

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