Are good grades really a sign of intelligence?

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  • Students propel through the stress and horror of their final exams every year. The worst part is getting the results. People tend to take the grades as a sign of a student’s intelligence. Right from the start of the session, parents and teachers both instruct students to begin studying for exams to ensure that they get good grades. A lot of people may go over the course-books once during the vacations. However, some of us do not want to open them until necessary. Does this mean that the former category is more intelligent than the latter? Obviously, the students who get the hang of syllabus during the vacations answer in class. They may even score more on the tests. Compared to those who are opening their books for the first time in class, they might even seem more intelligent. This gives way to a very important question that we as parents often forget to ask – can exams define intelligence? The society leans towards yes. However, we would like to present a different perspective for you.

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